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FodderKing 12-24

The FodderKing 12-24 is CropKing’s largest hydroponic fodder system, with the capability to produce upwards of 210 pounds of fresh green sprouts on a daily basis this is the perfect choice for larger farms. With a footprint of only 13’ x 4’ x 6’1” you are able to grow your own fodder without dependence on large acreage. The 12-24 utilizes NFT hydroponic technology to effectively sprout your grains without adding unnecessary moisture to your growing environment. This system contains 24 UV stabilized PVC channels measuring 12’ long and 10” wide. Each of these channels has individual water flow controllers allowing for optimization of rotational harvesting. These trays are supported by a locally sourced galvanized steel structure that will hold up to the high humidity environment necessary for hydroponic fodder production.


At 240 square feet of growing area, you will not find another system that gives you this much tray space at such an economical price. This versatile system can be operated as either a recirculating or drain to waste. Each system comes equipped with a powerful 1/8 horsepower direct drive pump and timer to operate at your desired increments or multiple units can be combined by using one of the larger pumps that CropKing carries. The FodderKing 12-24 is versatile, dependable as well as easy to set up and maintain.


    •  (24) 10 inch W x 12 foot L UV stabilized, food grade PVC growing channels

    •  4 channels per level by 6 levels high

    •  Overall footprint of assembled system is 13’ Long x 4’ Wide x 6’4” Tall

    •  3 Soaking buckets with 6 mesh liner

    •  240 Square feet of growing area


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