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FodderKing 6-24


The FodderKing 6-24 is identical to our large model in every way except for length. It is perfect for entry level growers, or someone experimenting with the addition of fodder to their feeding regim. At an extremely competitive price this unit is a great way to "get your feet wet" growing hydroponic fodder sprouts.


    •  (24) 10 inch W x 6 foot L UV stabilized, food grade PVC growing channels 

    •  4 channels per level 6 levels high

    •  Overall footprint of assembled system is 7’ Long x 4’ Wide x 6’4” Tall

    •  3 Soaking buckets with 6 mesh liners

    •  120 Square feet of growing area

    •  Capable of producing 105 pounds of fodder daily!


    Call to Order (330) 302-4203

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